MALÅ GroundExplorer

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Outstanding data quality, exceptional performance and WiFi option

MALÅ GroundExplorer (GX) is based on innovative, patent-pending MALÅ High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology and represents a leap forward in Ground Penetrating Radar. MALÅ GroundExplorer (GX) is an integrated GPR solution with four MALÅ GX antenna options: GX80, GX160, GX450 and GX750. 

Built around a fast 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor and using a high-resolution display to present the 32-bit data, the MALÅ GX Controller delivers excellent performance and outdoor visibility.The easy-to-use controllers have a built-in battery to simplify handling in the field.

MALÅ GX antennas feature an integrated DGPS for accurate positioning and the solution supports the use of external GPS. MALÅ GX solutions support a wide range of distance measuring devices.

The new WiFi option enables wireless data collection, making it easier to use in a confined space as well as in an irregular landscape. Normal working range varies between 25-100 meters dependent on the surroundings. 

System configuration 

Every MALÅ GX solution contains two separate components: the GX Controller and the GX antenna. These are connected either through a single cable or WiFi.

MALÅ GX is typically configured as either a push- or pull-system.

To configure a push-system, the MALÅ GX Controller and a MALÅ GX antenna are mounted on a  Rough Terrain Cart

To configure a pull-system, an encoder wheel is fitted to the mounting block on the back of the antenna. The GX Controller is then carried with the monitor holder and the antenna assembly can be pulled with a pulling handle or a strap.


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